Day 4, AM

A couple of observations about California. I know why people love to live out here in spite of the ridiculous housing market. The weather is obviously gorgeous. The time zone is incredible. This morning, I rolled over at 6.45 am and it was wonderful. A youth guy getting up that early? And liking it?? I know…miracles.

Here’s the other thing…everyone here is nice. You’ve got all these nationalities, all these religious and cultural differences and they smile alot. Everyone has been super nice and friendly…and real.

Of course, we go to San Francisco this afternoon and all of that can change. The joke around here is that all the crap and bad people are in Oakland. Which makes sense – the Raiders, the A’s, Al Davis – it’s all adding up.

This morning, we started in the hot tub. Amy – Happy Anniversary. This will be your 15th year present because you deserve it. I love you that much.

Morning Hot Tub

And a morning rose from the rain….more pics tomorrow.

Morning Rose


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