San Francisco

The day didn’t go liked planned but that’s okay. We’re going to try to do Alcatraz and Muir National Park on Monday.

Here’s what we did do….

Drive to downtown San Fran. Holy Cow… could really get turned around – Chinatown, Japantown, Mission District, Wharf Area….crazy. This is City Hall where all the gays got married for about a month. We were talking – if you got married on that day, then a month later it’s outlawed….are you still married? Can you even get a divorce? If you get a divorce, who gets the dog and the plants? Crazy questions we are asking…

Fisherman's Wharf

Along the Presido Park area – which if you have kids, just park somewhere down here and spend the day. AWESOME PARK with view of Golden Gate. Along the way in Fisherman’s Wharf, you’r going to see these statues. They are real people waiting for someone to tip them then they’ll move or make a sound or dance or whatever. It’s fun for about 2 minutes.

Street Actors

Right in between Pier 41 and 39 there are these seals. Hundreds of them. And they own that spot. They are loud and cute. Kinda like Harry Anderson.


This would be the 2nd Modern Wonder of the World we’ve seen on this trip. The first one was the Hoover Dam. This is awesome and beautiful.

Golden Gate Bridge

Picked up a Giants game. This might be the most beautiful park in the Major Leagues. It also has the most names of any ballpark. We had 3 maps, each had a different name. AT&T Park/SBC Park/Pacific Bell Park. Need any more reasons why corporate sponsorships of stadiums are a bad idea?

Now the park is awesome. You’ve got a Little League Hitting Area where you can watch yourself go yard on Jumbo Tron. They have a “Build-A-Bear” inside the park. You can build your own Lou Seal, the Giant mascot. The Coke Bottle Slide is fun too. Although I’m basing that on 2nd hand reports as the Giant staff informed me that the toys were for the kids.

AT&T/SBC/Pacific Bell Park

Little League Jumbo Tron

Coke Bottle Slides

Build a Bear in Park

Our seats were awesome – 23 rows up from home plate. Barry’s first at bat, second pitch. (By the way, minor baseball rabbit trail. He’s is really an easy out right now. He’s swinging on the first and second pitch every time. Really pressing, really fidgety in the box. Which is fine with me….let ’em be stuck at 714. But he’s too good of a hitter to stay there…steriods or not.) He yanked this ball to the Harbor…but foul.

Barry's False Hope

Towards the 7th inning, I look up and see this add for a pizza parlor. I started laughing hard and the 5th grader sitting next to me who I’d been talking to all game asks me – what’s so funny?

I said, oh nothing. What a game, huh?

Food at the park….I’m still recovering and will have to go through detox when I get home. Garlic fries….brats….and a beer. All awesome.

The Greatest Pizza Ever?

Today – Santa Cruz and the Coast…..


3 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. santa cruz is pretty awesome. when we were there, we saw a woody parade (as in the cars) and a tsunami warning. the 18th green on pebble is a remarkable view, and there will be more seals posted up on rocks along the way.


  2. “Food at the park….I’m still recovering and will have to go through detox when I get home. Garlic fries….brats….and a beer.”
    What kind of financing did you get? I think it was 36 months at 7.5% last time I went to the ball park?

    And I hate corporate renaming of sports arenas too. The RCA Dome will always be the Hoosier Dome to me. At least until they knock it down it 2 years.


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