Santa Cruz

I thought San Fran was gorgeous. It’s a dump compared to Santa Cruz. High cliffs, the ocean, Boardwalk, more garlic fries, seafood, college town (home of the Banana Slugs) and a beach.

We took off after church and drove down – 33 miles from Rowland’s house.

Here are some of my favorite pics. For more, click on one and see the rest!

The Boardwalk


I had to get wet, Rowland chose to be a pansy. Water was very cold. No matter….still gorgeous.
I had to get wet

I gotta talk about this ride. You go up and down on a pendulum, ridiculous fast WHILE you are spinning like a top. They ought to have vomit zones on this ride!
The Sickness

Tomorrow – Muir National Forest and hopefully Alcatraz…tickets are hard to get.

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