Random Funny Thoughts in San Jose

As Rowland and I drove across the country, we saw thousands of rabbits. Some the size of coyotes. They are everywhere in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico and Nevada.

Could this be the solution? It probaly tastes like chicken, right? The biggest problem is transporting the rabbits to where there is hunger and the whole issue of preparation – roasted, fried, grilled, steamed?

Another thing – I’m in this coffee shop and there are about 5 women talking about Cub Scouts, Den Daddy’s, irresponsible children, and the merits of grocery stores in town. All stimulating conversations to be sure, but one of the women has this glass-shattering laugh that I’m not sure how much longer my glasses can take.

It’s painful. Besides that, the stuff she finds funny no one else does. Does she notice that? Does she realize that when she laughs, no one else is laughing?

They are now leaving but can’t get the door open. They are 5 of them standing and looking at the door trying to PULL it open all the while there is a PUSH sign on it. They do this for about 30 seconds. I’m debating on whether I should just say PUSH, keep quiet, or get up and actually open the door. All are risky moves.

If I say PUSH – it could be interpreted as I’m a sarcastic male that thinks females are inferior. Which is only partially true. I only think that about these particular females.

If I stay seated, I’m a apathetic self-centered male. Which is actually very true.

If I get up and just open the door, I’m a demeaning male who thinks that women can’t do anything for themselves. Again – partially true. I only think that about these women.

And after the last 2 hours of their conversation invading my brain, I have pretty good evidence to support that.


One thought on “Random Funny Thoughts in San Jose

  1. i just left starbucks. a blond, and you guys know how i favor blonds, came back in the store looking for her keys. a kindly man ask her, “you means the ones you have in your hand?”. blonds, i love ’em!


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