The Last Day

We drove to Muir National Park and the Wharf area of San Francisco.



There is something mystical and deep about standing next to a redwood. They are huge, their bark is over 12 inches thick, they stand over 200 feet tall. They can get to 22 feet in diameter. Most live to over 2,000 years old. Know how big the seed is that starts this beast out? The size of a sunflower kernel. Amazing, huh?

So in order to do that – we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and saw the north end of the bay in low tide.

Across the Gate

Tide Out

After the woods, to the Wharf. Clam chowder to die for and if you need crabs, this is the place to go. (Go ahead Wayne and John….make your comments.)

Pier 41

MY MECCA….Mythbusters Headquarters. No Jamie sightings but that Mercedes is the one they did the vegetable oil test on. Anyone remember that?

Mythbusters  Headquarters

Mythbusters Mercedes

Later last night we ended the evening with a meal at Buca di Bepa. Oh my. What a place. Then saw X-men. Good thing I got pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alacatraz earlier in the day.

And yes I stayed to the end. Interesting.


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