Flying Home

I don’t mind air travel too much – it’s convenient – but the down side is the lack of photo opportunities. Can’t just pull off and snap a couple of pictures.

Yet, due to Frontier Airlines onloading system, I got a couple in. You actually walk on the tarmac.

This one is in San Jose – the Egret. The artwork on the wings are pretty impressive. The Egret

Storm coming in on Denver International Airport.

Denver International

Back home. Great to see kids and give and get gifts. Awoke this morning to Camber jumping on bed and giving big hug. “I missed you, Daddy” in her Deep South, hick accent. I love her anyway!! ha ha.


6 thoughts on “Flying Home

  1. wayne, you are late knowing that, but there is a new starbucks across the street from the church, meaning we know where grant will be when he says hes going to “work”.


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