The Hymnal Game

Contrary to public sentiment, you don’t need a hymnal to play The Hymnal Game. You can use the Online Hymnal instead!! Maybe I’ll download them all into my iPod!!!

Then again…maybe not.

Which begs me to question why in the world was the Baptist Hymnal on my required BOOK list at seminary? Oh, I bought one. Playing the Hymnal Game kept me sane in my Intro to Church Music class. That had to be the most worthless class I took in seminary. It didn’t have to be that way but the prof made it that way.

Alright…recap on the Hymnal Game.

One person sends a title (or first line) of song to another person and that person responds with another title (or first line). How long can you do this before laughing hysterically and being called down by your mom in the choir? This game is probably the reason my mom wasn’t in the choir.

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