Memory Lane

This is mainly for Mom.

We drove around in Aurora today.

Here’s my high school.

Rangeview High

My alma mater

Yeah, right.

Anyway – this was our house when I was in high school.

My old house

And now for some shocking pictures.

This was where my old house USED to be. It was on Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center – which is now the home for the University of Colorado research school and the Veterans Home.

Where my old house used to be

Bldg. 500

Fun day – sort of. Hard to fathom that it’s been 18 years since I’ve lived here.

Tomorrow – Bronco Headquarters and Pirates.


4 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Thank you ..I think. for the trip down memory lane. 18 years since you lived there! Wow… Dad and I left Aurora in 1995. I can’t believe the house has the same blue siding on it. It was home. Hope you are enjoying the trip.
    We should have warned you about Fitz! Sorry..
    Love and miss you.


  2. Thanks for the memories. I beleive I was in Colorado at one , two, three, or four times over period of many years. Very good pictures. Didn’t know about the Veterans home. When I get old, very old and need a place to live, I have a choice of Aurora, Colorado or Gulfport, Mississippi in the Navy home.

    Or I could stay in Colorado durning the summer and live at Gulfport durning the winter time. Keep those tax dallors coming in.

    You and Amy have a great time.



  3. Wow, the house changed some, but not much. Lava rocks beneath the crabapple tree, nice touch, but removing those crabapples must be even more of a pain than when I had to do it. I wonder which tree that is in the backyard? I thought Dad got all of the poplars!!!! No more black metal railing on the porch, no geese on the garage door, and no muddy beige Ford Tempo in the driveway! Wonder if the Brownings still live next door…


  4. Bar – that is a hilarious memory about Dad taking out the poplars!!!! Man, I’ll never forget that day.

    And the stupid geese on the garage door!! ha ha….

    That beige Ford Tempo was last scene in South Alabama circa 1993, I think.

    No dogs were barking so either the brownings moved or someone finally shot those dogs.


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