Downtown Denver

Great day today, just hanging with Aim.

I think the pics are self explanatory. If not…download google earth and have some fun.

No incredibly funny stories today except I ate in the world’s worst brewery today. Had the world’s worst root beer.

No worries though….ate a piece of cheesecake to make it better.




Okay, this one will need a little exposition. This is the new Denver Art Museum building. How freakin’ cool is that. One minor problem. It isn’t open until October and the art museum is closed on Mondays.


[tags]Denver, 16th Street Mall, DAM[/tags]


4 thoughts on “Downtown Denver

  1. Bear – man, you are so right. It’s not so much they are nicer (which they are) it’s that they mean it.

    It’s like a western/mid-west/cowboy/mountain man thing.

    kris – amy has changed dramatically…she’s hotter now than she’s ever been….


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