Arkansas Arts Center

They have a cool web site. They have some neat pieces in the free part of the museum.

There….I said something nice, can I vent now?

We went to Pursuing Picasso today. For $12 a person you can walk through that exhibit. The rest of the one floor musuem is free.

I understand charging something for the Picasso exhibit. Art is not all the well funded – I can only imagine how popular it is in Arkansas!

And I wasn’t expecting the Kimball or the DAM – which are the two best art museums I’ve ever been to. But I was expecting more. A lot more. Most of the exhibit was art from people who were inspired by Picasso with his works splattered throughout the hall.

I’m glad we went – I love it whenever I get a chance to be with Renee’, Kayla, and Britton – but I was expecting more.

Here we are goofing off before we go in. The museum opens at 10. We were there at 9.50. We know that because the guard told us!!! “It’s 9.50 and we don’t open till 10…or when this gate opens.”

Thanks…appreciate it.

The High Jinx Begins

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3 thoughts on “Arkansas Arts Center

  1. So you like Picasso, huh? He was an amazing artist. Bummer you were expecting more. You probably saw some cool stuff from other brilliant artist’s . Picasso was an innovator in the world of art!


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