Going Skiing?

Forget to tell this story yesterday…

We are going through security at Little Rock Airport when the guy behind Amy hears that we are going to Denver.

“You guys going to Colorado?”

Amy: “Yes we sure are.”

And then he said it…

“Going skiing?”

It’s a good thing I didn’t hear him because I would have rolled on the floor laughing therein giving the TSA official just cause for a full body cavity search on me.

Amy said she so badly wanted to say – “Yep, going early to beat the crowds and the snow…here’s your sign” but just didn’t have the heart to do it.

She’s such a softy.

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3 thoughts on “Going Skiing?

  1. i think you have the most interesting experiences in an airport/airplane of anyone i know, except for the guy in The Terminal starring tom hanks.


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