Little Rock Airport Is Retarded

Let me count the ways….

Number of TSA Agents in Ticket Counter Area: 54

Number of security stations opened: 2

Number of times a 70 year old women was asked to come aside for further inspection: About every one that was travelling
(Honestly – what the heck? If a 70 year old women stood up to hijack a plane, my son could beat her up and get her restrained. Quit pulling them off the line to inspect.)

Number of fast food stores: 3

Number of cash registers: 1

Number of people in line: 37

Number of gates that you had to be re-inspected before you could sit down by the gate: 7

Total number of gates at Little Rock Airport: 12

Hours to get from security to gate area: 1.5…in LITTLE ROCK!!!

Number of bathrooms at LRA: 4

Number blocked by TSA security: 2

What a backwards place

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3 thoughts on “Little Rock Airport Is Retarded

  1. hopefully you know by now that security had to be beefed up ridiculously because we were on code red alert. and personally the 70 year old ladies always looked susupicious to me.


  2. Same Weekend – Love Field Dallas:

    Expected time to get through security: 2 hrs

    Actual time to get through security: 15 min

    Passanger: International Student carrying liquid in her purse, two carry-ons (one being a lap-top, two checked bags in excess of 50 lbs each.

    Number of S.W.A.T. members w/M-16’s ready to shoot on sight: ENOUGH!

    I love Love!


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