Air Force Academy

Part of the candidate weekend at Pinecrest was giving our family all day Saturday to basically do what we wanted. It gave us time to process the weekend, hear from God…or in our case, rip down to Colorado Springs and see the Air Force Academy and US OIympic Training Center.

So we roll up to the academy and see the chapel. It might just be the most awe inspiring center of worship on our continent.

Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

The inside is incredible – so much so that the kids were even in silent awe as we walked in.

The front of the Chapel

This view is from the pews if you looked to the side.
View From The Pews

The ceiling of the chapel:
The Roof

And here we are!!!
Fam at Academy Chapel

One more cool thing happened at AFA. The football team was practicing. So we sat right beside the field and watch the team go full contact scrimmage! That was awesome!

We took the “backroads” on the way home. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the Training Center. It was pouring down rain and 70% of the tour is outside. Bummer for us but as we pulled into Parker, Amy snapped this pic.
Mule Deer

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4 thoughts on “Air Force Academy

  1. remember my buddy chris arnonld? he actually has a view of the chapel from his dorm room. he said it was much better that he gets to stay there after 6 weeks of bct.


  2. I like the comment about Darth Vader.
    I have seen the sight of the Chapel many times and it still takes my breathe away.
    It’s tripping an automatic worship switch in me!
    One visit there for church reminds me of this story. After chapel, we headed to the public facilities nearby to change into more comfortable clothes and shoes. Shoes being the key word. I had set my best Sunday pumps on a chair for just a minute while I changed into other shoes. Turned around …gone. Yes, stolen. Never more to be found.


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