Magic Kingdom

Perfect day at Magic Kingdom. We waited in line once for 15 minutes. That was it. The rest was walk up, get on, decide how you were going to spend the 4 hours of time you normally spend in line. We had done it all by 5 pm and were wondering if the kids were going to make it to 10pm.

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR to the rescue. I think we rode it 50 gazillion times. Here’s my highest score:

My Score on Buzz Lightyear

And the kids in jail with Zurg:

Jail with Zurg

Saw Cap’n Jack Sparrow…twice. He’s now on the ride AND a street act. Pirates of the Carribean Ride

Cap'n Jack Sparrow

The street guy was actually very good – had the accent and the mannerisms down fairly well. Savvy.

What else can I talk about? The fireworks. Nobody does fireworks better than Disney. I’m completely amazed at what they do EVERY SINGLE DAY and make it feel like it’s the FIRST TIME. Take the parade. They sing that song, dance that dance every day the same exact way. For us – it’s the first time we see it. For them – it’s work yet they make us feel like it’s the first time.

Chip and Dale

We have a picture of every time we’ve been to Magic Kingdom with Chip and Dale. Amy and I have one on our honeymoon with Chip and Dale. I’m sure my mom has a picture of me and Leslie with Chip and Dale. Which all leads me to this question…

Is there any good reason why Disney has two male characters who talk femininely (go ahead and spell check that one, Cathy) named Chip and Dale? Does that bother anyone else or just me?

My hot wife in the middle of Main Street, USA…

Main Street USA

And of course – Cinderella.
Coronation of Cinderella

Adrian and Itabeda (you know who you are – your daddy reads this blog) we have about 1,000 princess photos that Camber and Cayden made me take to share with you when we get home. Here’s one now.

Oh…almost forgot.

It’s a Small World – figuratively. Ran into someone we knew from Little Rock. “We read your blog and knew you were going be here but thought there’d be no way we’d run into you!!!” Cool seeing a familiar face. Which led to this interesting, funny exchange with my father-in-law.

“You know them from Grace?”

“Yeah, they used to go to Grace.”

Long pause. I resume the conversation…mainly with myself.

“I think about half the population of West Little Rock used to go to Grace.”

Dad doesn’t say anything.

“You know, we could’ve been a megachurch.”

Still nothing.

“So, you know at least we didn’t have to deal with that problem.”

Still nothing.

He looks at me. “You saying something? I’m having a hard time hearing you.”

“Never mind.”

It’s a Small World – literally.

We have to ride the Small World ride. If we don’t, some space-time continuim will explode and the earth will stop rotating. I rode it as a kid, Amy rode it as a kid. Our kids are going to ride it. They love it.

As we get in line, I think to myself – what kind of workers get stuck working this ride? Close talkers? People who made someone angry at management? The new host of “America’s Got Talent”?

I then find out. Guy can’t load 4 empty boats on the dock with 8 people in line. It’s that empty. 4 whole boats, only 8 people on the dock and this guy is dumbfouned as to how to get them all in.

Luckily, we all had been on a ride before so we figured it out for him.

Great day, great fun. I love Disneyworld. Thank you, Big Tom and Mimi.


5 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom

  1. the think i remember about so clearly about disney world as a child was mr. toad’s wild ride…but the thing I remember most about it was the recording that constantly repeated itself “Step out on your left please, please step out on your left” — over and over and over…weird the things that stick with you.


  2. ok … 3 things:
    1) if the chip/dale thing bugs you – think about this: the mouse has a dog who can’t talk for a pet – and – a dog who CAN talk as a friend.
    2) have you ever seen the simpsons episode at Duff Gardens? you’ll never look at ‘small world’ the same again.
    3) when we were in line at ‘splash mountain’ we heard a guy on the loudspeaker say – ‘please … do not splash … do not splash on … ummm … splash mountain’

    did i say 3 things? i meant 4:
    Masterstroke of Disney to literally create movies for ‘Pirates’ and ‘Haunted Mansion’ rather than figure out what to do w/ two out-dated rides that had no ‘movie audience’ clammoring to ride them.
    they are brilliant….

    (and please, do spellcheck ‘clammoring’)


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