Anonymous Not Welcomed

Figured I’d post on something other than death and football…extremes can make you sick, right?

Sometime over the last couple of weeks, somebody asked me about anonymous comments and why I don’t allow them on my site. I mean, I seem to be a guy that is all for open dialogue so why not allow anonymous comments?

Here’s why – anonymous comments isn’t open dialogue. It’s a monologue. Anonymous has no accountability, flesh and bone, or feelings. Anonymous is illegimate parenting. Spawn off an idea and then take no responsibility for it. It’s immature.

I put my name on everything written here or everything I say. Anonymous doesn’t.

Anonymous threatens true, biblical, authentic community because anonymous doesn’t have to be accountable or ever apologize.

Grace Church had these little tear off comment cards. Every week someone would interrupt their worship of God in order to write something hurtful and/or stupid on these little cards and put it IN THE OFFERING PLATE and NOT SIGN IT. Think about that for a moment. I’m going to complain during worship and offer that to God as my offering and do it anonymously.

That stopped this past year. No, Grace still has the comment card thing but I told our admin assistant – who gets them before I do – if it’s not signed, throw it away. If it’s not important enough for them to talk face to face or even sign their name to it – it’s not important enough for me to read it.

As far as this blog goes, I see this as an extension of my house. The front porch, if you will. All are welcomed here and you’re welcome to say your mind. Just own it and be nice about it. Act like we were sitting in front of each other.

Those of you who blog – why or why don’t you allow anonymous comments?

And yes – you have to put your name on your answer! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Anonymous Not Welcomed

  1. I haven’t thrown down the gauntlet on anon comments, but I do know that when I’m reading comments elsewhere, I automatically discount the comment in my mind. It’s drive-by interaction. Just like those comment cards, someone hides behind anonymity and lobs a hurtful comment. Agreed. If you can’t stick your name on it, better to let it go.


  2. That’s funny Mike R. (aka Anonymous).

    Anyway – I should make a top 100 of some of the comments. It would make you laugh, cry, and cringe.

    It really made me wonder what exactly were they worshipping when they showed up that morning.

    Britton – good for you on the comments but you still don’t have a RSS feed. what the heck?


  3. I allow anonymous comment on my blogs. I may not agree with all of them, but let them say what they want. I can always delete the spam.

    Besides, very few people read my blog! So I take what I can get.


  4. New blog commentors often feel more comfortable being anonymous. While preventing anonymous comments filters out pot shots, it also filters out readers who don’t feel comfortable registering and publishing under their real name – even when they aren’t trying to avoid accountability.

    So all you new blog readers, come on over to my blog and leave some comments.


  5. Personally I don’t care either way. When I first got into ministry people left anon notes and such – even one that had an AD for another Church position circled and said you might apply. I wanted to write back to anon and say “You might go to hell too”

    But I didn’t. Then I went anon for sometime. Why because if people knew who I was or my connections well let’s just say some Butt kissing and that or some hate mail. Especially when I wrote things anon as “I hate Doug Fields” or “I hate Youth Pastors” to get people to think. And sometimes I need the anon to rant or yell, and then for me to want to cuss them out only to extend some grace. Well kudos to Anon and non-anon alike. Let’s drink together. Next time I’m buying.


  6. While i think the only person on this site that knows who i am is Grant I agree that anon posting isnt right. If you dont give name to what you say then you cannot be criticised or complimented for what you have posted or you are to afraid to submit under a name becuz although this is the internet you are still afraid of being chastized.


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