The Countdown is On

Pinecrest has really stepped up huge in the last couple of days. We’ve gotten cards, emails, and now a house.

Get this – a couple who has never met us is giving us their house until the end of December if we need it. RENT FREE. How freakin’ cool is that? Never met us…that might be why they are doing this because if they knew us….

Seriously – it is a HUGE answer to prayer because that means we are all getting to go out to Denver TOGETHER!!! No long-distance family thing. Yes, it makes the next few days crazy – should we pack this or not? But I’ll take it.

Huge thank you to Suzanne and Danny. (Who by the way are both like Einstein geniuses. Another blog, another time.)

Wednesday AM we will head west for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!

Now we gotta sell our house.


7 thoughts on “The Countdown is On

  1. How exciting! Wednesday, huh? That is really soon…I think you guys need a housecall from the docotor! Seriously, let me know if I can do anything to help.


  2. I know you guys are really going to appreciate making the transition together. I’m really, really happy for you guys.

    OK – so now I guess to double-time the packing thing, eh?


  3. Wow, we are in the same shoes. Our house hasn’t sold yet, but a family in my new church offered us a condo in Park City for free until our house in Sacramento sells. My family has already been there for six weeks so the kids could start school with everyone else. I stayed back to preach and finish out my ministry, but it’s been grueling. The California housing market sucketh.


  4. Yo grant, I cant wait for you to get here so i can meet you. i hope your long journey up here to colorado will go smoothly. I myself hate long road trips


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