Major Update Time

Ahhhh, the joys of not updating for awhile! Alright….let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

We start with…

Alabama vs. Arkansas, Saturday
Bruce and I rode up, grabbed some great grub with Jason and Cindy-Lou’s fam, then watched my Tide march up and down the field. Of course, I had more point to make about this but apparently no one from Alabama can make an extra point.

Here are a couple of sweet pics by Jason of the game.


Baptism, Sunday
I love Nathan. He is the real deal. I hate the fact it takes him a 1,000 years to make a decision. Like getting baptized. In September. In gator-infested water. Pics are courtesy of Lisa Wagner, who in my opinion may be the best photographer on the planet. Check out her work here
nathan baptizism-02

gator in the water

Argue with Home Warranty Company, Monday
If this situation doesn’t get resolved by the weekend, I’m going to blow the whole scam/story with a whole post. For now – I am VERY UNHAPPY with Warrantech Home Warranty. Horrible service, horribly rude customer service reps, the run around on every single thing…breath, relax….give them to the weekend…..okay…stay tuned….

Monday Night – Dinner with the Sudduths…do I need to say anything else?

Packing and State Workers, Tuesday
Had to get a new title for the Sequioa because – well, shocker – I lost the old one. So that meant a trip to the DMV that really isn’t the DMV. I’ve said my feelings about the state workers at the revenue office here and here. Rest easy, state of Arkansas – nothing has changed since then.

Tuesday night – Dinner with Singletons, collapse after midnight.

Out of Town, Wednesday
After picking up clothes at the cleaners and prescriptions, time for the wonderful drive to KC. In two cars. Kids were awesome, we are here for a day then on to Parker, CO.

It’s currently 50 something degrees outside. No AC needed.


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