Red Rocks, Dinosaur Ridge, Foss, and Coors


Besides being a great name for a real estate agency or a law firm – that’s what our family did today.

Red Rocks
Perhaps the greatest venue of all time for a concert. If you go, couple of “don’t miss” features. First, is the Interactive Hall of Fame of Red Rocks. It’s located at the back of the amphitheatre. Great pics and video clips of concerts there.

The second thing is the south entrance to the park. Lot’s of places to hike. The views of Denver are awesome, especially at night.

The Fam at Red Rocks

Foss General Store, Golden, CO
We went in the store just to piddle – an hour later we came out. What a great place!!! Got some great ideas for our youth room!! Here are a couple of hints:

Foss General Store

More Foss

We walked out with chocolate covered sunflower seeds. They are so good, just get a funnel with them.

Of course, no trip to Golden would be complete without a visit to Coors.

Their family of beers:

Coors Family of Beers

A couple of things impressed me about Coors. During prohibition instead of laying off employees, Adolph Coors changed to making malted milk. The result – he didn’t have to fire a single employee. For a town the size of Golden that depended on him for jobs – that was huge. Huge leadership lessons there.

The second thing was there were flowers everywhere in the buildings. Carnations and roses. Tradition has it that Adolph’s wife would bring flowers from her garden over to the brewery to “brighten” things up. When Jr. took over the company, a green house was built and to this day they grow flowers for the sole purpose of putting them in the building.

Dinosaur Ridge
Great fun for the kiddos – we saw dinosaur footprints, fossils, hiked up Dakota Trail where dinosaurs roamed. Got a great view of Red Rocks from up there as well.

The whole time I was hiking, I was seeing dirt bike treads on the trail. The trail is pretty rough for a mountain bike – steep, rocky, and narrow. And that just reminded me of Steve B and the ride I about got him killed on. And I just started smiling alot as we hiked up the trail.

Dakota Group Trail

Two Troopers Top of Dakota Trail

Finished the night at Casa Bonita. Sat right next to the water where the cliff divers go in. We had a blast!!! Mom – the food was okay but the sopillas (go ahead and correct that spelling, Cat) were AWESOME!!!

I loved the day.


8 thoughts on “Red Rocks, Dinosaur Ridge, Foss, and Coors

  1. What great scenery and more importantly what great people in the pictures! So glad that you are there and enjoying all of it together. Can’t wait to see it with you!


  2. Coors — the king of beer flavored water and other pansy drinks.

    BTW — during prohibition Budweiser did the same, they also made soda — not sure any of them were altruistic/socialistic/good for the locals moves — though they can be spun that way now.

    great pics — I think having gas pumps in the stupark room would be way cool — make sure you keep the gasoline fresh — fresh gas makes the best explosions.


  3. Glad you found Casa Bonita. Some things don’t change! It is great for me just thinking of you watching cliff divers, with honey running down your face! I am so happy that you can relive the good memories of Colorado with the C’s. My heart is happy.
    Happy Birthday Amy….I left you a voice mail.


  4. It’s sopapilla or sopaipilla.
    And just so you know, you take all the fun out of it when you misspell or leave typos on purpose.
    Next time those awful spellings will just have to stay uncorrected. This Typo-Nazi will not be played!


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