Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I love going to museums – these kinds of museums are the best. As a sidenote – I found great humor in the “Journey to the Dinosaurs” promo film that touted evolution and all things Darwin while on the floor below it was the exhibit “Hall of Life.” The opening walls to the Hall of Life are 7 panels with the picture of a human fetus from 6 days to 9 months. One of the quotes in the Hall of Life – “We’ll never fully understand the miracle that is called life or its orgins.”

Enough of seriousness….I want to play 20 square on this!!!!!


They were taping off sections for a new exhibit and Cooper started going – “Dad – 20 SQUARE!!!”

We built an arch bridge,


Girls dug for dinosaur bones.


Then the view of Denver. Best in the city.



The self-family pic with the camera on the trash can:


Gotta love Coop going all out for this one…classic 8-year old boy.



2 thoughts on “Denver Museum of Nature and Science

  1. Looks like a fun place to be! We took our kids up to the Science Museum of Minnesota a couple years ago, my youngest still talks about driving the Mars Rover 🙂 and the icky alligator gars 😦


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