Must Have WP Plugins, October 2006

I’ve gotten a couple of emails about this so I thought I just throw down a little post about it.

Plugins I’d Die Without…or least think I would die…

1. Tiger Style Admin
What it does – makes the “behind the scene” layout incredibly clean and easy to navigate.

2. WP Flickr Post Bar
What it does – forget fidgeting with Gallery or something else, get Flickr, get this plugin, upload pictures in like..seconds.

3. Contact Form
Just look at my contact page…simple and easy.

4. Show Top Commenters
Everybody likes a record or a goal. So reward your top talkers with a little sidebar bragging…

4. Get Recent Comments
Reward your surfers – give ’em a quick look at who’s saying what where.

5. Subscribe to Comments
Not everyone is RSS…which is a shame – here’s another way to increase some readership…

6. Feedlinx Email Subscription
Here’s another although I do like Feedburner’s stuff better.

7. Old School Upload
For newbies might not matter but WP 1.5 users loved the stand alone upload option…this brings it back to 2.0 crowd

8. Extended Live Archives
This site it’s working. I can’t get it working on Haven’t figured that out yet but when it works, this is an awesome way to have an archive page.

9. Simple Tags
I’ve not completely utilized this to the fullest but it makes tagging a post easy.

10. Spam Karma 2 and Akismet
They catch about 98% of all spam. I’m happy with that.

11. Popularity Contest
I like that it keeps track of the most popular posts…I updated the plugin and it reaked havoc on the site…with Wayne and Mike not helping matters with their ridiculous comments! But…I’d still use it….

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8 thoughts on “Must Have WP Plugins, October 2006

  1. Just so you know, once you put the Top Talkers plugin on, I have commented about half as much.
    It’s not a reward, at least for me…it’s a reminder that I have something to say about just about everything. And that’s not a good thing.
    It is my goal to be at least under Paul on the list. Better to not be on it at all, while still being able to comment.
    I detest this plugin.


  2. wayne and mike r should be disqualified for their rule breaking. with them out of the way, i might finally be the top talker of the month!


  3. Clay — it was in the name of science and exposing the myth — the myth busters should NOT be disqualified because the stats definitely don’t work correctly.


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