What I’ve Been Doing


Student Parking – The Podcast is now on iTunes. Click on the pic to subscribe through iTunes. I promise you it will be at best the 2nd best 20 minutes of your week. It’s in the sidebar of Student Parking right now, I’ll put in my sidebar later this weekend. In fact – I’ve got a major blog overhaul coming this weekend – links and sidebar mainly.

It’s basically 2 youthworkers goofing off for 25 minutes talking about homecoming dances, Broncos, and whatever else pops in our head.



11 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. so just wasted my time, er i mean had the best 20 minutes of my life, and ask any girl if homecoming isnt a big deal anymore, and i think they will tend to disagree with you.


  2. that’s exactly my point – it’s over rated – they think it’s awesome but it isn’t. I mean, it’s a nice date out but not near as a huge of a deal as they make it out to be.


  3. I’m at home sick with strep — it’s miserable to be 36 and have strep…I thought to myself “Hey, this should make 20minutes just fly by.” Boy was I wrong!

    By the way, you still don’t have your picture on the pinecrest website — are you sure you are employed there?


  4. Just wondering if there is a mission for the Podcast? I loved it but then I love hearing my son’s voice. It was seemed like a REAL radio program. You guys seemed very comfortable as if you do this every day. Too much football talk for me but then I am one.


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