Missed my anniversary

2 years ago I started blogging.

Here was the first post. It’s about planting my Tundra in the creek. I still ache when I think about it.

Other highlights:

Winning the first ever “Best Youth Pastor Blog” from Evangelical Underground. Not sure I exactly fit what they would deem – “conservative” – but, nice to win something every now and then.

Getting a link and mention from Tall Skinny Kiwi. I’ve never met the guy but I love reading him and I love his heart. I hope to one day meet him. Every now and then he gets to the states. I’ve thought about tracking him down, finding him unawares and just going up to him and hug him. Of course with recent events that might not be such a great idea.

I’ve got 1,045 posts and 2,746 comments over the last 2 years.

I’ve met a ton of new friends across the globe and I just want to say thanks to my mom who has read every post since day one.

When did you start reading this blog?


11 thoughts on “Missed my anniversary

  1. I started reading this blog the first day.
    Thanks for noticing. It is usually the last thing I do before going upstairs to bed, or the first thing I read with my morning coffee. Whenever, it is a reminder of how good God has been to me. I love you and the riches you bring to my life….


  2. Gotta admit that I don’t read often & when I do it’s only the funny stuff, or deep stuff … I could give a rip about what you think about football, ’cause I know who your teams are (;

    My first read was “scuba Tundra”, for obvious reasons. Thanks for blogging – I love you and miss you and this gives at least a small feeling of a connection.

    Love ya, bro – Steve


  3. ANOTHER KIWI COMMENT!!! I feel like that rusty truck named FRED in Cars…”He knows my name! He knows my name!”

    Alright – scuba tundra…that’s how we are going to refer to it from now on? Scum sucking rodents….

    Rob – I thought you helped me earlier than that? Maybe not. I remember early and often blazing an email to your inbox for some help. Thank you dearly for both the online help and face to face friendship!

    BTom – what a man. You helped me set up the current grantenglish.com website! Long way from the blogger days.

    Another post coming on “blog” friends…


  4. I was there since the beginning. In fact, I think much of the early work on the site happened right here at my house in Budapest. Now that I think of it, you are due for another visit.

    It has been great to keep up with you from halfway around the world. I’m sure you wish, I’d post more than 2-3 times per decade 🙂 Maybe I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.


  5. I have no idea when I got here, or how. But I find my way back once in a while. You gave me some great advice when my daughter was thinking about being a youth pastor, she is now in college majoring in English, no minor yet. Thanks!


  6. (2 years ago)Grant’s got a blog? What’s a blog? I hope he gets over it soon! He got to preach next Sunday.

    There from day 1. Thanks for expanding my boundaries.


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