Fayetteville on Wednesday

Alright all my wonderful hog-addicted friends – Guido’s at noon on Wednesday in Fayetteville.

Jason – can you leave a link with directions? You the man…

Cooper is still pulling for the Hogs to go all the way.

I’ve failed as a father…….


4 thoughts on “Fayetteville on Wednesday

  1. Alright, so I tried to post a link and it wouldn’t let me. Maybe Grant will allow it since he is the all important “blog administrator”.

    I will do it the old fashion way until the post appears:
    -Take the Wedington Exit off of 540 and go WEST.
    -After the 2nd light, take a RIGHT onto Steamboat drive.
    -Guido’s will be on the RIGHT about 1/2 a klick off of Wedington (behind the McDonald’s/Gas Station)
    Call me if you get lost: 871-7694


  2. Englishes,
    We enjoyed our visit with you yesterday. It was fun to sit down and catch up a bit. Thanks for taking time out of your trip to stop and eat with Cindy and I.

    Grant, I hope your Bronco’s win tonight.
    Cooper, I hope you one day go to Arkansas and play for the Razorbacks.
    Camber, please don’t break an arm with your Healies (sp?)
    Cado, you are so funny.
    Amy, you are very patient with bathroom breaks. I hope all of them don’t last that long, unless there is a good TV show in the bathroom with a fat flat screen.

    See you in Colorado next time?

    Have a wonderful day with your family and exciting drive through Kansas.


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