Quoting Al Michaels…

Watching New Orleans open up a can on Dallas, Al Michaels was in rare form.

It’s a treat to watch a game called by Madden and Michaels but when a game is a blowout, it really sets up the stage for some great quotes…

After Reggie Bush scored a 75-yard touchdown pass…

“If you’re Houston right now you’re saying ‘What the he*& were we thinking?'”

After the halftime show left Texas Stadium foggy from the pyrotechnics…

“This is idiotic. Why are the pyrotechnics especially in a stadium that’s practically a dome? We can’t even see the game.”

What a weekend for football. All the “big” games ended up blowouts – Indy, Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, Jets, and the Patsies all decided to take this weekend off.

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