Divisional Playoffs 2007 Continued

NFL_Eagles at NFL_Saints

One of these feel good stories end today. Would have loved to have seen Philadelphia in Chicago this weekend (where I think they would have won) so that we could have the Cinderella Bowl next weekend. However, it is not to be. There is a lot to like in this game but Sean Payton has had two weeks.

The Saints go marching in. Actually, they may not go marching anywhere because…

Sunday’s Games

NFL_Seahawks at NFL_Bears1

…does anyone other than Lovie Smith trust Rex Grossman with the hope of the Bears? This is going to be a brutal game to call and watch. I reluctantly pick the Bears – only because of their defense and special teams and they playing a beat up and depleted Seahawk team.

NFL_Patriots at NFL_Chargers

This is the toughest game to call. The Patriots can absolutely travel across the country and put a beat down on the Chargers. Why? Tom Brady. Plus, never underestimate the ability of a Schottenheimer team to completely choke in the clutch. See Browns of ’87, ’88, Chiefs of every year he coached there.

On the other hand – Marty’s never had a team like this. Nor an offensive coordinator like Cam Cleeland.

So I’m picking the San Diego Super Chargers.

Enjoy the picks.


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