Grandad and Mamie

Couple of cool things about people visiting us – we get to ski with them. So “Grandad and Mamie” (aka my Dad and Mary) show up and the gang all loads up to the mountains!!

We were supposed to go to Winter Park but as we were about to go through Berthoud Pass, a CDOT truck was blocking the road. Come to find out they were causing an avalanche in the Pass. Would be a about “30 minutes” according to the CDOT worker.

Yeah – and I’m selling ocean front property in Southern Colorado. “30 minutes” to a state worker is like 4 hours in real time. No worries – we’re in Colorado so instead we headed to Copper Mountain Another great day in God’s Country! Around 40 degrees, no one on the mountain, no lines, no crowds and no wind!!!

Camber took Grandad out once, Cayden took me down once, Cooper took me down off the ski lift once, Cayden took Amy down twice. Other than that – great day! I took Camber down a couple of blues, Cooper even got in on the act.

The last run of the day, I took Camber through the trees and onto another blue run. I didn’t realize how steep it really was. She managed it well, only knocking Grandad over once in the process.





It doesn’t matter how many times I see this – I’m just in awe. Created by the mere thought of God – He just spoke it into existence.



6 thoughts on “Grandad and Mamie

  1. I need to send you that TransFour….
    Where are the snow boards in the picture?

    Do you want me to send you Mark’s address to pay for the lift ticket or do you want to send it to me and let me give it to him? He owes me for the condo, so you can just send it to me and I will take it out of what he owes me.

    Have fun in the snow. I am finally not sore anymore, except for my shoulder.


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