Wayne’s Idea of Fun

So my good friend and partner in sarcasm – Wayne Galli – is coming into town next weekend.

I love this guy – even though he works way to hard and blogs not nearly enough. He and his wife Amy were awesome volunteers at Grace in Little Rock.

We had a discussion forum on our youth site and this cat “Boilermaker” kept making comments and asking questions and generally causing a ruckus. It was Wayne and we decided to grab some lunch to size each other up. We came to the lunch with one agenda and left with another. Wayne (and you can either verify or deny this!) came wanting to check out my theology and see if the rumors about me were true. I came figuring that I was going to spend the hour defending the way we did youth ministry.

By the time lunch was over, I had a new friend and just knew he’d be awesome in student ministry. I asked him to think about joining our youth team and within the month I had scored a major win – had both him and his wife on the team.

Lots of things could be said about Wayne – not all of them public – but one thing is for certain. Wayne is quick with the humor and 9 times out of 10 it’s a bust out loud funny. (Of course there was always that one time in 10 but hey – nobody is perfect.)

I say ALL of that to set this up. He’s coming in town next weekend and we have a day to hang and do pretty much anything we want to. I give you the following email exchange:

Grant: Couple of questions for you for Friday – what do you want to do? We got Coors, a couple of wineries, we’ve got museum of nature and science – you got anything that you just want to do? Oh yeah – Fat Tire is about a two-hour drive away, the Springs – whatever…

Wayne: Man, I’m both easy and cheap. I don’t want to infringe on your daily activities – oh wait, what am I saying – have you been to fat tire? Two hours is a hike though.

Oh wait, I know….let’s go to Focus on the family and tag all the cars in the staff parking lot with the “Focus on your own D*mn family” bumper stickers!!!!!!!

Grant: Can I blog this?????

Wayne: Go for it.

Amy: NOT!!!

Since I wasn’t really sure what to do with it – I’ll leave it up for our voters at home. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Wayne’s Idea of Fun

  1. that is wayne..definately does not blog nearly enough. that will be a fun time, and i have a good story about fat tire on that ski trip we went on, but thats another story.


  2. I still remember that lunch like it was yesterday. I doubt I’ll ever forget it.

    Glad you decided to blog it…Guess you have to live with the consequences tonight though — nothing a good Pinot Noir won’t fix though!


  3. p.s. thanks for not saying everything about me publicly…i do have somehwat of a reputation to maintain…not much, but …ok, forget it..I admit, I have no reputation to maintain. There, my first step to recovery has been taken!


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