Downtown Denver

With all of the friends we’ve had in town, it’s allowed me to take them to some of my favorite places in Denver. I love this city. It’s got it’s junk, but it’s beautiful and to walk downtown is a great experience.

Mike Shipp came into town a couple of weeks ago and we hit the Denver Art Museum – DAM as it is affectionately called. Of course, Mike and I both being former youth workers had to make our little junior jokes using DAM whenever we could. This is the DAM coffee shop. This is the DAM museum shop. For some reason, this never gets old.

This pic is the new DAM building on the left, the public library straight ahead, and the parking garage/loft apartments on the right. The Arts District is what this is called.

These are the cow statues in front of the DAM. At heart, Denver is still a cowtown.

This is the view from the 6th floor of the DAM old building. Great shot of Invesco Field and the Front Range behind it.

As you walk out of the museum and towards 16th Street Mall, this is the view of the Capitol. In a few weeks the whole place will be full of flowers and the colors of spring in the Rockies.

I love going to the art museum. Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family that enjoys going to the art museum. I am going to risk taking the kids one day. Not sure when. Tomorrow I’m going to take/drag Zack to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The Wynkoop Brewery is downtown and great place to eat. It’s a micro-brewery so you do the math from there. Here’s Caydo climbing the ape. Upstairs is a billiards room with about 20 pool tables, a few shuffle boards, dart boards and of course a bar. Downstairs is an improv comedy club.

And finally last Saturday we hit the St. Patty’s Day parade. We took the train downtown and quickly learned that Denver has the largest St. Patty’s Parade this side of the Mississippi. At least that’s what the paper said and after experiencing all the people downtown – I believe it. Great day but very, very crowded and very, very green.




Just a few reasons why I love this city.

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4 thoughts on “Downtown Denver

  1. That DAM museum was definitely worth the time :).

    Thanks for a great weekend – tell Cayden I’ll read more Little Mermaid next time.


  2. Hey Grant,

    Just a couple of quick thoughts. First, I’ve been lurking on your blog for a little while now, don’t remember how I came across it, but I connect with alot of your thoughts. Im the Student Ministries pastor at a chrch out here in Arizona, so I really connect on some of the ministry points, but the rest are usually just funny or thoughtful, so thanks.

    Secondly, My wife and I are really feeling like God is calling us to the Denver area, and I don’t have any contacts there, but I was wondering if I could ask a favor… If you know of or are hearing of any churches looking for Youth Pastors, or College Pastors, etc… Would you shoot me an Email? Ive got about 12 years of experience, Graduate of Bethel Universiy, and am looking a finishing my Masters up at Denver sem. I know that it seems odd, from someone you don’t know, just lookin for a hand. Thanks.

    Grace and Peace.

    Kerry Snyder


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