Ski Trip

We leave today for our ski trip. It’s snowing here right now. The mountains got over 8 inches. Going to be freakin’ awesome!!!

Only problem is Berthoud Pass. I hate Berthoud Pass. It’s a pain in the pass. But we will go and weather the pain for the glory of new powder at one of Colorado’s great places to ski – Winter Park/Mary Jane.

As a side note, I’m always a bit amazed at how God takes our plans and “jacks them up” in a holy way. Every trip/event that I’ve done in the past 16 years of student ministry has had a glitch. If you are first year rookie – the first time something goes wrong – don’t sweat it. It happens to us all. No amount of planning can account for the hand of God. What I’ve finally grown to learn is this – don’t fight it. Make your plans, make your outline, strategy of attack then hold it loosely.

We WANT God to wreck it for His glory. We WANT Him to show up and do stuff that we couldn’t explain or plan for. We want that stuff to happen because that moves a trip or an event to a place of a spiritual marker.

I’m also learning that the extremes that I was so fond of as an immature youth pastor – “We are about relationships, not events!” “We aren’t going to be a calendar based!” – may have been exactly that – the rantings of an immature youth pastor. I still agree in principle with those thoughts. But events have a role if planned right – when we give God enough space and freedom to move.

So on that note – pray for Zack Sanders who will be leading our devos this week. He’s a senior in high school and it’s been great to hang with him these past couple of days. I’m looking forward to the journey he’s about to take us on.

Pray for my volunteer team – James, Matt, Sarah, Amy, and Blair – as we play and work till exhaustion.

Pray for our students – that it will be more than just a cool ski trip but a spiritual marker for us all.

I’ll try to post pics and stories as they happen.


3 thoughts on “Ski Trip

  1. well, i hope you dont lose a kid this ski trip. haha.

    also, this trip cannot match the grace church ski trip because there are no 20 hour car rides with sleep deprived jokes at 2 in the morning.

    and last but not least, good luck zack, even though you dont need it.


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