Cheesman Canyon

Rowland’s in town and he took me to a place called Cheesman Canyon. A bald eagle, a goose, and some trout. Rowland last fished here with his dad (who died 2 years ago). This was also part of the woods that was destroyed in the Hayman Fires of 2002. Over 100,000 acres of forest was destroyed when a park ranger set fire to a “Dear John” letter she received. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison for arson.

While Rowland fished, I journaled and read. It was a bit cold – but good soul time.




Leaving the canyon, we took a different way home. We ran into this Catholic church in the middle of nowhere.



3 thoughts on “Cheesman Canyon

  1. Nice.

    Hey, not sure if I told you… we’ve moved to Little Rock. Raising our own support to work with Mosaic Church. If you come back this way to visit, we outta get together. My new hang out is the San Fran Bread Company you and I met at. It’s weird to be here. I wouldn’t have thought I’d move to Little Rock. New York, Colorado, Washington state, Atlanta… not Little Rock! But, our steps have been ordered in this direction. Things are great and we’re happy to be here.


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