Snow and Slush

This morning – 60’s, sunny, shorts and t-shirt.

Lunch – cooler, 50’s, partly cloudy

Mid-Afternoon – snow, slush, ice, dark as night

Early Evening – sun peaking back out, temp rising.

Only in Colorado.


5 thoughts on “Snow and Slush

  1. Snow in May? I’m not sure I want to move there. Today in California, we had a sunny 85 degrees with gentle breezes. Our swimming pool (we actually have our own swimming pool in our backyard, not a community pool that is common in Colorado) got up to 90 degrees. I’m going to BBQ tonight…yes BBQ, not grill. We in California BBQ our food. 🙂


  2. This am in the OC – Early morning haze, 63
    This afternoon in the OC – Haze with 72
    This evening in the OC – Ocean breeze, 66 degrees.

    Ray out.


  3. MikeS – not sure yet.

    Carrie – tomorrow it will be beautiful with less smog and traffic.

    Ray – I realize there is nothing I can say to you concerning Colorado weather. ha haha


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