Book Review: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

I love these books and last year after I read the 7th book, I decided to reread the whole series. It’s great story telling although by this book, you would have think that Harry and his mates would have learned a few lessons of perspective and trusting their friends. They haven’t and that’s part of what makes the book enjoyable and partly true to the teenage world.

Snape’s character is probably one of the greatest characters ever written. You’re lulled into hating him because Harry does. Although by this time in the series I found myself on multiple occasions wanting to chastise Harry for his complete lack of perspective. I guess that’s a sign of good writing – you find yourself arguing with the main character of the book.

These are just fun reads and reminds me of when I was a kid, staying up late with a flashlight under my covers reading the Chronicles of Narnia.


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