I’m working on the notes from the Beautiful Day Conference. I’ll get them out next week but since Frontier canceled our flights home on Thursday night, we had an extra day. Row and I decided to enjoy a day in San Fran.


Hit antique guitar store (Guitar Showcase). Lot’s of incredible guitars – Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins…and a Hello Kitty guitar. The next pic is an electric ukulele in the form of a Thunderbird. Then the USA Guitar. If you look closely behind that one, there is a black guitar with some artwork on it. That’s the one Jimi Hendrix made.

Helly Kitty Fender

Electric Ukelele

Patriotic Guitars

Lunch – at Apple Headquarters. Rowland had a couple of guys on his worship team that work there. I have no pictures of this because Apple extremely paranoid about their place. I have no idea why. I mean, even if Microsoft stole some technology from Apple – they’d just screw it up.

It was enlightening. Their cafeteria has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. A burrito bar, sushi bar, entrees. salad, brick oven pizza, and hamburgers. It was a bit weird seeing a few guys dressed in kilts at their work.

One of the guys that worked there said that Apple’s design process starts with form then moves to function. In other words – they start with what they want the design to look like and what they want it to do then they go to the design team and say – make it happen. Interesting Talking to the guys that work there one of the guys there who works on all the sound and microphone components for their computers

Afternoon – Alcatraz.
The best tour I have ever been on. Ever. We stayed close to three hours on the Rock and it wasn’t long enough. Click on the pictures to get more of Alcatraz.

The Rock

View from Rec Yard

Alcatraz sits only 1.25 miles from the coast of San Francisco. You get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge from its shore. I can see how the views tempted many men to try to swim the distance. None who swam ever escaped, only one made it to shore but barely. A sign hangs as you exit the docks:

If you break the rules, they send you to prison.
If you break the prison rules, they send you here.

Once a prisoner got on the Rock, they were led up a long roadway to the Shower room. In the Shower room they were stripped naked, searched, given a cold shower and led to their cell – naked. Their new clothes, blankets, and rule book awaited them in their new 5′ by 7′ by 7′ room. The whole block got to see every new inmate in their birthday suit in shackles.

Common Showers


Typical Cell

Any inmate that caused trouble could get up to 29 days in D Block. D Block was solitary confinement. A cell that was completely dark for 24 hours a day with half the food rations.

In 1946, 6 inmates tried to escape but their plans went very, very wrong. They ended up killing three guards and the Marines were called in. 4 inmates were killed in the melee that followed. Another two were executed afterwards.

This is a picture of the cell that may be the only successful attempt off of the Rock. It belonged to Frank Morris. He and the Anglin brothers – John and Clarence – planned for a year to pull of this escape. They were never found or heard from again. Many think they drowned and were carried off to sea.

Escape From Alcatraz

One guy who doesn’t think that is Darwin Coon. Darwin was actually on Alcatraz this day and I got to meet him. I bought his book and he signed it for me (Alcatraz: The True End of the Line). He thinks that Morris and the Anglin brothers made it. In fact, Coon had a helping hand in the escape – supplying a screwdriver to Morris.

Coon thinks they made it because Morris was one of the smartest guys he’d ever met plus the Anglin brothers were Louisiana Bayou boys who knew their way around water and woods. He figures they were the only three guys who could have pulled it off and then disappeared. (I finished reading Darwin’s book on the flight home. I’ll have a book review of it later.)

Alcatraz is a MUST SEE destination if you are ever in San Francisco.


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