I’m Finally Here

Sunday, July 6
2.00 pm

No line at Lufthansa at all. Get seat assignment, head to security. No lines here either. Aim and kids walk me up to the line. All three kids start tearing up and crying. It makes me realize how much stuff we do together as a family, how much we like being around each other. I know that’s rare. I wonder if it will last as we enter the teenage years.

5.45 pm
I’m on the plane and I’m impressed. Lufthansa has these touch screens in front of every seat on the plane. You can choose what movie you want to see, whenever you want to see it. They have a kids channel, kids games, tv shows, and music videos.

Plus, the bathrooms on this plane are downstairs. That’s right, you walk back to the middle of the plane (or forward depending on where your seat is) and there are some steps that lead you down to the bathrooms. It’s a great time killer.

The other awesome thing – the attendants actually work the cabin on this airline. They walk around with trays of drinks and snacks all the time. I actually have to start turning down drinks. When does that ever happen on an airline?

8.00 pm
Watch 21 with Kevin Spacey. Good movie. Always fun to see Spacey act.

10.00 pm

The Other Bolyn Daughter

A movie with Eric Bana, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johanson should not suck. It should not be boring. I kept thinking – it’s going to get better. It didn’t. All you Henry the VIII fans – this one is for you.

More to come…


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