Ultimate Adriatic Frisbee

Wednesday, July 9
We’re in a pretty good pattern. Goof off, get active in the morning – open the word in the evening.

Today, I taught the crew the game Inversion. This is where you have 5 people in a line facing one direction, another 5 people along that same line but facing towards the first group with an open space in between them. So you have a straight line with 11 spaces, 10 of them occupied.

The goal is to get each group of 5 on the other end of the line. But there are a couple of rules. You can not share a space. You can not pass anyone who is facing the same direction as you. You cannot back up. You can only ‘jump over’ one person at a time – like checkers – and there must be an open space available.

Normally this will take a youth group a good 45 minutes to an hour to figure it out. They knocked it out in about 30 minutes. Pretty good. The next game didn’t go as well.

4 on the Couch. If you’ve played it, you can pretty much guess how ridiculous this game went. If you have no idea what I’m talking about…be glad.

Morning Study: John 4 – royal officials son was healed. Key thoughts the group uncovered – Jesus didn’t have to be “present” to heal. He’s not bound by geography or the whole space-time continuum. The only real news Jesus had made to this point was clearing the Temple and MAYBE they knew about the wine story – but probably not.

God will do great things – things that only He can but it will be married to great acts of faith by people. It’s not so much that God is limited by our faith but he chooses to work within the limits of our faith.

Ultimate Frisbee after study. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I love this game. I love running around but after about 30 minutes…I was done. It’s too dang hot and humid and I’m lugging around too much weight.


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