ATV’s and the Feeding of the 5,000

Friday, July 11
We went ATVing today. Check out the blue jump suits. Some of us looked like Oompahloompahs. I won’t mention any names. I couldn’t get totally in my blue suit. I ripped the crotch right out of it because of my height. That got more than a few laughs.

We rode through olive groves and vineyards.

The Oompahloompahs

Katie and Grant

On the Trail

This is what Trent wants to do with their family van.
Trent's New Ride

There are so many facets of American life that we take for granted. For example, hanging out. Teens do it all the time in the states. We take it for granted that there will be someone who speaks our language and has remotely the same interests around us to have a conversation.

Many of these students don’t. It’s not just about having meaningful conversations about scripture – but about all aspects of life that make these two weeks so precious to these teens.

Like riding ATV’s. American teens always love the fact that the drinking age here is 18. What they don’t get is this – so is the driving age. So until you are 18, you rely on mom and dad or public transportation to take you anywhere.

So the opportunity to drive anything – it’s a big deal. We had a blast. I rode with Katie because she’s a small little 13 year old that drives like a bat out of …. the hot place. She did awesome. I want to adopt her. That of course would give us 3 girls in the house…on second thought.

Evening Session:
John 6 – Feeding of the 5,000
Bread was everything to a Jew. It just wasn’t a staple of their diet, it represented God’s provision. Having Brian around has been huge because he talks about how every year at passover there is an empty plate set at the table for Elijah. Elijah will tell us when the Messiah has come. A glass of wine is placed before it, a piece of bread. All evening long they check the plate and glass to see if Elijah has come.

Bread reminds them of manna – God’s provision while in the desert. The unleavened bread before the Exodus.

So when Jesus blesses the bread, breaks the bread, multiplies the bread then says – I am the bread. It’s HUGE to the Jews. It’s claiming equity with God, he’s claiming that he himself is the provision of God.

Then Jesus withdraws. Jesus isn’t going to allow you to mold him to your expectations. He can’t be bought or manipulated to perform the way we want him to. “He’s a wild lion, you know.”

When the people want to make Jesus king by force – he knows that’s not enough. That’s not how God works. He wants more than that – he wants their hearts.


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