Thursday, July 10

Thursday, July 10
Today is my sister’s birthday. So..happy b-day, sis.

Today was fun. We went spelunking. Baredine Cave just outside Porec. Legend has it that two lovers got lost down in the caves looking for each other.

Moral: Don’t follow a girl in a cave without a sure fire plan on getting out. Words to live by there.

We did our traditional ice cream treat afterwards. One of the students asked me why I loved ice cream so much.

It’s comfort food. Plus – it’s pretty much impossible to be sad and eat ice cream at the same time. The reason is this – the ice cream is awesome – Italian gelato, really.

Couple of observations at this point. Teens aren’t that different around the world. They like to hang, they like to talk about music. They’re trying to figure out where or IF they fit. Those are the constants I think.

Couple of pics:

Streets of Old Town Porec. We were walking and somebody said – “It’s just like Disney but real.” I had to laugh….mainly because I was thinking the same thing.

Streets of Old Town

Anna's Birthday

This night they had a family movie night, so my session got bumped.


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