Croatia: Trying To Get Home

Wednesday, July 16
Think I finally got all the junk off my website. It was that stupid cybercafe in Porec.

Plus…I think I’m sick. Fever. Sweating. Coughing. Not good.

Thursday, July 17
Feel better. Good enough to get out and eat and see some sites. I’ll pack tomorrow and leave on Saturday.

The Budapest Boob
Amy and first saw this statue when we were here back in 2003. It was in November and I snapped a picture of it. This time it had flowers around it and I just wanted Amy to see it again. She loves art.

Budapest Boob

We ate at this incredible restaurant tonight. The menu was on a chalkboard. That’s a good thing. Pork tenderloin grilled with spices and garlic. Roasted corn and a Hoffbrau beer. What a great meal and great time hanging with the family.

Fam in Budapest

Images From the City
Budapest is a stunningly beautiful city. The Danube runs right through it, the bridges, the castles and churches. It’s breathtaking.

Gate Bridge

The boys are spinning the pump on this water well in the middle of the market street. It’s supposed to grant a wish or something like that. It’s also just cool to play with.

Water Fountain in Budapest


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