I guess Nashville is trying to capitalize on America’s fascination with Vegas but this term is everywhere in town. It’s in brochures, on billboards, tourist magazines…even the bellhops and locals are starting to use it.

I don’t really get it on one hand. There’s no audacious hotels, over the top shows, or legalized prostitution. Nashville actually has grass and parks and you don’t feel dirty walking down the street. Plus the food here is better.

Here’s the crew I’m here with. Ken (black guy in foreground) is from Boston, MA. He actually knows the pastor of the church where Kim and Greg go.

The Ideators

This is the deli that the Plunkett’s took me. New York style, meat hanging from the ceiling and a great Monte Cristo sandwich. Micah was quite the flirt. Great kid, lots of laughs.

Noshville Deli

Micah Plunkett

Lunch yesterday we walked down to this sport’s grill in downtown. This sandwich was on the menu – The Melvin. It is 1/2 pound burger with pulled pork BBQ, covered with cheddar and blue cheese sprinkles, topped with onion rings. There are no words to describe the awesomeness of this sandwich.

The Melvin

Cool old Customs House in downtown Nashville. Huge building that would be awesome for churches or other non-profit entities.
Customs House

Home of the Titans. There were no VY sightings this week.
LP Field

I’ll actually blog about my conference later.


6 thoughts on “NashVegas

  1. I remember those days. Great friends and meaningful work, and a great town to meet and eat. That’s for reminding me of it all. The fun is now. The work is when you get home ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Wayne – my filter found the “S” word in your comments and slammed it as spam.

    Hope that’s not a commentary on the rest of your life.

    But yes – we cruised NashVegas in the metro-Yaris. It was a weird ride. The speedometer and sits in the middle of the dash. There is nothing in front of the driver on the dash, just …well… a dash. It’s bizarre. Everything sits in the middle.

    No, I didn’t feel at home as my yellow nissan xterra is extremely manly.

    Of course, Heath was able to ride up to Nashville and back home to Alabama under a half tank of gas. So he’s laughing at us all.

    Gene – good time, good folks. I’m writing up my random thoughts now.


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