In Our Backyard


This is what was in our backyard on Sunday. This is a movie taken by my across the street neighbor, Noel. Pretty amazing and humbling.


8 thoughts on “In Our Backyard

  1. basements are nice, who would have ever guessed that you would need one in Colorado for a tornado, alabama yes! speaking of “BAMA” i know thatyou are going to be watching The Game.


  2. That’s one strange looking tornado. I guess you grow ’em different in Colorado. I’ve seen a few tornadoes in the Southeast, but never one quite like that. Really glad you guys are all OK.

    Did they determine what strength that one was? I’m guessing EF0 or EF1.


  3. When my fiance (now wife) moved from the beauty of CO for AL (sucker…) she was most freaked out by thunderstorms rolling through Birmingham at 2 AM, as well as the constant threat of a tornado year round.

    She felt much safer when she read the Alabama Tornado Policy…


    In the case of tornadoes sweeping through Alabama, we are asking all Alabamians to take shelter at Bryant-Denny Stadium located in Tuscaloosa , AL.

    We are fairly certain a touchdown will not occur there.


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