In Emporia With Much To Say

I have much to blog about but Danny Payne doesn’t have wireless internet at his house. He does have flushing toilets and running water…so that is good.

Oasis yesterday went well. I will post up my talks and impressions later.

Broncos cratered – ??? What happens when we go to Arrowhead? Shannahan loses his mind, Edwards looks like a genius.

Tide ranked #2. Probably too high for now…but we will see.

We closed a Braum’s last night with laughter from old friends that fed my soul and lifted my spirits.

I hang out today, speak tonight and probably will stay up too late again. And it will be awesome. The only thing missing is Amy and the kids and I’m tired of listening to people telling me I should have brought Amy and kids.

I will next time.

I promise.


3 thoughts on “In Emporia With Much To Say

  1. okay- enough about not having wireless internet… if you want a place to sleep tonight you had better start being nicer! 😉


  2. When you are in Emporia with awesome friends, don’t blog about the Broncos!!!! I want to hear stories about our awesome friends!!! Thank you very much!!


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