What I’m Doing On Vacation

I’ll post later in the week on what I’m reading.

Playing Guitar Hero:World Tour.

Big Tom and Mimi surprised us by getting the fam this game for Christmas. Of course we had to open it early and pretty much that’s what we’ve playing.




Camber read the Christmas story this year for us. We do this every year – read from Luke 2. How many times have I heard it read? Why is it when you hear your kids read it’s like the first time you heard it?



Taking Self-Pictures
It’s kinda funny when I upload pictures now, because there will always be a couple of self-pictures in the bunch. Here’s our short collection so far.




Cayden's Self Portrait


I love Disney. It’s just the feel of the place when you drive up. The attention to detail, the utter ridiculous extravagance they go to create a feel of magic when you show up serves as a model for every other company on the planet.

Happiness Tickets



Through Glasses 3d

New Game at Spaceship Earth

On the Coke Car

Cayden in hummer

Aim and G

Waiting for Dinner and Fireworks

Fam at Epcot's Christmas Tree


2 thoughts on “What I’m Doing On Vacation

  1. Man, I loves me some Epcot. Test Track, Soarin’ and Mission Space all rock, and there’s just something quasi-futuristic about the whole thing that keeps my geeky side (and lets be honest, that’s a pretty large side) happy.


  2. Man! It’s great to see pics of Tom and Currin Ann (sp?). The self portraits are pretty good too.

    I was going to say “Have a great time!”, but it looks like you already are.


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