The Real Tragedy of Favre-Gate

The greatest retirement of any player in any sports has to be John Elway. It’s not just because I’m a huge Bronco fan or that John was/is the greatest quarterback ever – of which there is no further discussion, amen.

It’s because Hollywood couldn’t have scripted out a better exit. Quarterback goes to three Super Bowls early in career and gets blown out in all of them. Puts up Hall of Fame numbers the rest of his career, wins a NFL MVP award but never gets back to the big game. After 16 years in the NFL, he gets to the Super Bowl as the largest underdog in the world and WINS. Comes back the next season, wins the Super Bowl again AND the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Then retires in the offseason, his last game a Super Bowl win with a Super Bowl MVP trophy. Can you really top that? Of course you can’t.

The only thing that would have been better was Michael Jordan staying retired after he 3-peated the second time. But he didn’t. Or Magic staying retired…but he didn’t either.

But Favre’s situation? It’s different. MJ and Magic – still beloved, they were seen as guys who just loved to play. Favre has gone beyond that…he wants to play as long as it is on his terms and teams he wants to play for. And it’s getting old. There are enough selfish brats in sports, didn’t need another one and sure as heck didn’t need to see that side of Brett Favre.

That’s he’s going into the Hall of Fame one day is not in question. What is in question is what uniform will he wear? Will he have any fans left when he gets there? Will he have a home field, a home team that will honor him as a conquering hero when this is all said and done?


3 thoughts on “The Real Tragedy of Favre-Gate

  1. There’s a time when an athlete, or anyone for that matter, should ride off into the sunset. . .and not come back. . .enjoy it. Favre has blown it, not once, but twice!

    Not what I was hoping for in a guy like Favre.


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