The 2009 Predictions


My beloved Broncos went through an offseason like no other. Thankfully that drama is over and we can get on with football. Here’s how I see the season panning out…

@ Cincinnati, W: Let’s face it, nobody really knows why Marvin Lewis is still coaching. Underachievers galore and as funny and good Ocho is – their defense is shaky, running game non-existent. Even on the road, I think Denver can win this one. They need this win because after week 3…wins are going to be scarce.

Cleveland, W: A game Denver could completely lose. But it’s the home opener…and it’s Cleveland.

@ Oakland, W: I originally had this as a loss but changed my mind. I hate the Raiders. Pathetic franchise but no one, not even Al Davis himself really knows what kind of team they have this year.

Dallas, L: This is where we start hiding the women and children. The next 7 games are brutal. I haven’t seen a stretch of games that tough in a while. Great year to draw both the NFC East and AFC North. Dallas should win because they are more talented BUT it is Dallas and they haven’t been normal in a while. Still…a game that Denver could win if they played well…which they haven’t yet.

New England, L: Do we really have to watch this one? Last one was over by 2nd quarter.

@ San Diego, L: Only way Denver wins is if SD is hurt, abducted by aliens, and Ed Hochuli is calling the game.

@ Baltimore, L: Ugly, low scoring game but a loss. Ravens are looking at Super Bowl. Defense is nasty. On the road after a bye week…not going to happen for the Broncs.

Pittsburgh, L: Monday night game. For some reason, Pittsburgh never plays Denver well. I don’t know why but after Pittsburgh beat Denver in the AFC Championship game back in ’04 (I think), Denver has somehow got the best of them. But…this is a stacked, young, healthy Pittsburgh team that should be hitting its groove. Denver could steal this game but I’m going with averages here.

@ Washington, W: I don’t really think Denver will win this game but it’s the best shot of they have in this brutal 10 game stretch. I’d feel better about it if it was at Mile High.

San Diego, L: Another game Denver COULD win if they play perfect and the stars align up. But just too much talent and SD is ready/focused finally.

NY Giants, L: Thanksgiving night, at Mile High. Will be a great atmosphere. (I’ll take any tickets if any one is offering them!!) It’s just that the Giants know how to run the football and I’m not drinking the kool-aid on the Denver defense. They are still not very good.

@ Kansas City, L: I don’t like this game this late in the season at Arrowhead. The Chiefs have their own issues to work through with a new coach, new QB, new OC and the like. I’m hoping this game stops the losing streak but if I had to pick…

@ Indianapolis, L: It won’t end here. Denver has never looked good playing Indy, especially at Indy. It’s a little too early to hope they’ll be resting their starters for the playoffs.

Oakland, W: I was at the Raider game last year with David and Danny. It was painful to watch. This is what I want for Christmas.

@ Philadelphia, L: An away game in December in Philadelphia…just can’t get any better. Philly will more than likely either be playing for home field advantage OR suffered an implosion with Michael Vick at QB. Either way – Denver becomes the punching bag.

Kansas City, W: At this point in the season, it will be interesting to see how the team responds. Does it roll over or push on? If it pushes, they’ll get the W here. KC doesn’t play all that great in Denver.


That’s with two “I hope they win” picks thrown in – Cincy & Washington. This is the first time since the Wade Phillips era that I really believe that Denver has no chance at the playoffs. Wow.

Go Broncos.


7 thoughts on “The 2009 Predictions

  1. wow pretty tough schedule..I think the Washington win is a big stretch. Depending on how Quinn plays The Browns might be a tough one too.. I hate to tell you this Grant but it doesnt look good buddy


  2. Pingback: Ridonkilous!!

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