Brazil In Retrospect

This Sunday morning you are NOT going to want to miss church. Our Brazil Team will unpack what happened during their recent mission trip to Porto Alegre. It was simply amazing and you’ll need to hear the stories from the students themselves. It was the first trip like this for each of our students, for one it was the first time on an airplane. To say it was a life-changing trip for them is an understatement.

Here are a couple of images of the trip. (I’ll post some more later…)

There are 156 Brazilian teenagers in this picture from all over the state of Rio Grande de Sol. 27 of them made the decision to follow Jesus the weekend of the retreat. About 2 of them spoke English. Immersion was the word of the weekend.


Mr. Potato…not Mr. Potato-Head. He’s just as popular as Woody and Buzz. Had to get a picture with him.


During the week we traveled around to all kinds of different schools – public, private, community, state, rich, and poor – telling them about life in America as well as why we were helping out Palavra da Vida. We were able to tell Jesus’ story in every single school we visited. And the students were treated like rock stars. More stories coming as a result of this.




The Waterfall at the camp both up close and from a distance. There is a whole unique eco-system on the camp that one of their missionaries is taking advantage of. He’s discovered some new species of frog, iris, and a freshwater lobster. He’s like the real Bear Gryls.




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