Football thoughts and a new look at the G sides

It was a weekend of football and that gave me time during commercials and halftimes to throw down a new look on the blog. I like it and will be tweaking it over the next few weeks, getting it all spiffy. I was due for a change…I like change.

Tide looked strong and more balanced on offense than they have ever been. It’s obvious that the defense has 9 new starters and will make some mistakes but so far they’ve had the talent to overcome them. 2-0 and off to a great start.

Denver Broncos
About what I thought. Offense is better, defense can be run rough shod over, and they still make bonehead mistakes and penalties in crunch time. WR’s will be fine without Marshall, Orton is a good QB but not great enough to overcome mistakes. At least we didn’t look like the Raiders…

SEC vs. ACC vs. Big Ten
SEC is still the top level football conference. ACC was the talk of the gurus being the next in line. After what happened to VT and Georgia Tech and Miami and Florida State this weekend, I think all that talk can now subside. The Big Ten (which is now 12 while the Big 12 will soon be 10…irony…) is really the next line and will push the SEC for football dominance. Ohio State looks great and the rest of the conference looks pretty decent – Penn State, MSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa.

New Blog Look
It’s a slick look and I like it. Most folks read this through a RSS reader or Facebook so I’m not sure what exactly the pay off is of having a slick website other than first impressions and bragging rights. Will update pics regularly.


4 thoughts on “Football thoughts and a new look at the G sides

  1. I like the new layout, G. But I’m trying to figure out if the picture of you looking out from behind the closet door is indicative of something. Let’s see, an infatuation with football uniforms, driving a girly suv….hmmm.


    1. funny. No hidden messages. We were doing a photo shoot for a sermon series called “Broken Dreams.” The tagline was do you trust God with the other side of the door.

      I poked my head out and Stephen snapped the shot.


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