Monday Morning Coaching: Bama Edition, Week 5

My hunch going into the game that Florida was NOT as good as advertise nor near the threat to Alabama as Arkansas was. My hunch was right.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Florida team that flat, that stressed, or that overmatched. Did they mail it in after half? Are they not showing their hand until the conference championship game? Or are they just not that good? Hard to say after that performance.

Alabama looked invincible in the first half, pretty ordinary in the second half. I don’t like the letting off the throttle in the second half and the lack of Ingram/Peterson but I understand it. After the hype and preparation to beat down Florida like that in the first half, there was going to be a let down.

If I’m Urban Myer, I get a new center this week. Pouncey was terrible. There is no excuse for that many misses on snaps at that level of football. This isn’t a new offense or a new system. This is Florida football and to be off on that many snaps of the football is really inexcusable.

Second thing I do – pick a QB and a style of play and go do it. Be an option/Tebow like offense with the young QB or drop back passing game with the elder. Either way, I think Florida can run it and be successful but Urban just needs to choose one and move forward.

Bama – stay focused for an entire game. That’d be nice. Secondary is getting better but still gives up a lot of yards and the potential of giving up a big play is greater than usual.

Still ranked #1 and should be. I’m not buying Ohio State yet. Oregon and Oklahoma rising and will challenge for BCS spot. Auburn game this year looks to be more about than just in-state bragging rights.


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