Week 4 Broncos Report

meant to post this last night.

The Good – A win is a win is a win. There are no style points. Good to see Denver finish a game instead of being finished. This was the kind of game that Denver lost last year. Orton is playing like a first round draft choice. WR Corp is stacked with talent. Marshall is not missed at all.

Bad – Peyton Hillis is missed however. That decision makes no sense at all with the condition of the running game. Maroney is a disaster. Buckhalter is hobbling. Moreno is AWOL. Is it to early to call Moreno a bust? I realize it’s mainly because of injury but if Mark Ingram is available in next year’s draft — you have to draft him, right? Heck, put Tebow back there. It’s not all on the O line. The bottom line is the running game is completely pathetic.

Ugly – Special teams and coaching. Special teams coverage makes me nervous. It seems like they are always one shoestring tackle away from disaster. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t.

Coaching – it’s not a formula for long-term success to throw the ball 50 plus times a game. The lack of running game is a concern but so are two first-round draft picks that aren’t really playing – Thomas and Tebow.

The defense overall has been better than expected with the occasional breakdown but that’s to be expected given the second most talented player on the team is on injured reserve.

2-2 is not terrible and about where I thought the Broncos would be.


3 thoughts on “Week 4 Broncos Report

  1. Agree with your assessment…the running has to get better soon or bad things will be happening soon. Did you expect Tebow to be playing right now? And Thomas has been playing–returning kicks (maybe not as many catches because of all that talent).

    Gotta admit they’re fun to watch though!


    1. I’m still conflicted about the Tebow pick. McDaniels basically put himself into a no-win position. If he knew Orton could produce like this, why draft any QB in the first round? Given all the other needs this team has (Defensive line, linebacker, running back, tight end), why not draft one of those positions there?

      Then for McD to give up all those other picks to get a player in the first round that isn’t going to play this year or perhaps ever. I’d rather see him save the other picks and see if Tebow was going to be around in the 2nd round. If Tebow is there in the 2nd round, draft him. It’s a lot less risky pick. Why give up all those picks to get a player that is never going to see the field?

      On the other hand if Tebow ends up becoming the next “good” Michael Vick, nobody will care. But there seems to be such a small window of opportunity for that to happen.

      Thomas pick I’m a bit more patient with. He’s shown flashes of “Oh my gosh this guy is a stud.” I just want to see more of that, not just him running kicks back. I think he’s going to be a beast.


  2. I am SO glad to have picked up Hillis on my fantasy team. Sad part is, I had him on the bench 2 weeks ago and he scored 35 points…I lost by 2 that week.


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