Bama – Week 6

Alabama dropped to #8 in the polls with their loss to South Carolina. On September 3rd I wrote this:

This is one of the two games I think ‘Bama will go into flat and have a let down. The other one is the LSU game. Both on the road, both coming off big rival games, both home teams coming off a bye. Just spells ambush for the Tide.

I hate it when I’m right. I thought Bama would win, instead SC played perfect. Bama’s defense looked tired, flat, and lost. The fact that 6 of the Tide’s opponents this year are coming off a bye week doesn’t help. It’s a bitter, tough loss and really gives the rest of the SEC the road map on how to beat ‘Bama. Play loose between the 20’s, ti

What is sick about this? There is a slew of undefeated teams this year and while none of them play the schedule that any SEC team has to face, that doesn’t really matter when it comes to the BCS. That’s right, Boise State, Utah, and TCU – this year is set up for you perfectly. While the rest of the nation plays tough games and knocks each other out of the picture, all you have to do is win the 1 or 2 big games on your schedule. You’ll be healthy since you don’t face NFL prospects every week, nor will you face great coaching every week. Just quit complaining that the system is set up against you. Not this year. It’s set up perfectly for you.

For Alabama (or any other SEC team for that matter) to repeat or at the least defend it’s national title, Oregon and Ohio State are going to have to drop a game. While that COULD happen, there is not one single team on either of their schedules that stands out as a threat except Oregon State. Oregon has to face them at Oregon State.

A few years ago, a 2 loss LSU team proved that it was the best team in the nation. That won’t happen this year. No 2-loss team is going to get that chance. For Alabama, this means they have to run the table with LSU and Auburn still on the schedule. Auburn still has Arkansas, LSU, and Alabama on the docket. LSU has Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas. ‘Bama, Auburn, and LSU still control their own destiny. Arkansas needs ‘Bama to lose one more AND run the table for them to get in the mix. Are you following all of this?

It’s one crazy mess but the reality is that a 1 loss SEC team could jump the independents but probably can’t jump an undefeated Big Ten or Pac Ten school. And I don’t see any of the SEC teams escaping the season undefeated. If they do, they absolutely will be the best team in the country.


2 thoughts on “Bama – Week 6

  1. G – right there with you. Totally thought the Tide would pull it out. And now we have Boise State – and others, who play nobody all season, claiming visions of grandeur and a call to play for a national title, much less a BCS game.

    The only team in the SEC I could see going undefeated is Auburn. But I’m with you, don’t know if it’s going to happen.

    Still think a two-loss team in the SEC is better than an undefeated team in the WAC or Mt West Conference.


  2. Alabama actually did a study on bye weeks and the results showed that it doesn’t matter. Win loss record for teams coming off of a bye week were: 29-29! Interesting. Will see how Bama fairs against these teams. Arkansas sure didn’t play pretty coming off of a bye week.


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