Bama, BCS, and Broncos, Oct 10 Issue

Let’s start with Bama. After a sluggish, ugly first half – they came out and played flawless football in the second half completely burying Tennessee, 41-10. The Tide get a bye this week before finishing the season with another stretch of games that boggles the mind – LSU, MSU, and Auburn. Currently ranked #12, #21, and #1. I can’t remember in NCAA history a schedule like ‘Bamas. 7 opponents in the top 21? 5 of them coming off bye weeks? Bama has done well and still pretty much control their own destiny. Sort of…

BCS Rankings…Hard to really argue with the rankings this week. Auburn, Oregon, BSU, TCU, Michigan St, and Mizzou. I don’t see Auburn dropping to Ole Miss but be rest assured that is all we will hear from ESPN this weekend – “Will Auburn be the 4th #1 team to go on the road and loose the game?”

But – I am a Nebraska & Iowa fan this weekend. This is the help I think Alabama is going to need to get a shot at the National Championship. I think a 1 loss SEC team jumps BSU and TCU. Don’t think they would jump a Big 12 team.

The Broncos


To the Raiders.

McDaniels can’t keep his job after this, can he? I can’t remember any team blowing out another NFL team like this. Can you remember the Patriots or the Colts hanging that many on ANYBODY? I can’t either. It’s the second-worse loss in Bronco history and that includes those early AFL days with striped socks.

It’s not completely Orton’s fault but not really seeing the point of not playing Tebow anymore. Other than when Tebow starts, the clock is REALLY ticking for McDaniels. That pick more than any other decision will show whether or not McDaniels is the real deal or just a great talker who can’t really coach.

Very, very frustrating to be a Bronco fan right now.


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